Observations on life as we know it are made regularly at this blogsite by Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the Conversations with God series of books and 18 other titles, including seven New York Times best sellers. The copy on this blog is also the headline story now at www.TheGlobalConversation.com, an Internet Newspaper featuring extensive writings by Neale and a large team of contributors, and including ongoing discussions with readers around the world on topics relating to the messages of CWG.

Additional resource material, including powerful CWG videos, audio recordings of major presentations, and an opportunity to interact with Neale personally, will soon be found at CWGConnect.com. Be sure to look for it, coming in the weeks ahead.

Neale’s most recent book is The Only Thing That Matters.

His next book is WHAT GOD SAID: The 25 Core Messages of Conversations with God That Will Change Your Life and the World, to be released in October, 2013 by Berkley Books. The book may be pre-ordered at both Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com and read is preview passages at www.WhatGodSaid.net.

Neale Donald Walsch has created six specifically focused outreach projects revolving around the core messages of these books. The projects include: (1) the Conversations with God Foundation, an adult education outreach; (2) Humanity’s Team, a global spiritual activist outreach; (3) CWG for Parents, an outreach providing resources to those who wish to bring their children the messages of CWG; (4) the Changing Change Network, a CWG helping outreach to persons facing major life challenges; (5) The Global Conversation, an internet newspaper outreach relating the spiritual messages of CWG to the news of the day; and (6) CWG Connect, a multi-media communications outreach creating a worldwide CWG community featuring Video and Audio On-Demand services, together with ongoing personal interaction with the author of CWG. Access to all of these programs will be found at the gateway internet site: www.CWGPortal.com

Neale lives in southern Oregon with his wife, the American poet Em Claire, (www.emclairepoet.com). The two travel and work together extensively, sharing with people around the world information to help in finding a deeper connection with themselves, their soul, and with God.

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